Marketplace PM for July 13, 2005

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WorldCom scandal sticks to CEO Ebbers

The largest business fraud in U.S. history brings one of the strongest penalties yet against a corporate executive: 63 year old Bernard Ebbers has been sentenced to 25 years in prison for his role in WorldCom's $11 billion accounting fraud. Marketplace's Bob Moon has more.

Seating the Supreme Court

Today Chief Justice William Rehnquist did not show up at his office; reporters were told he's been admitted to a local hospital for observation. It's been widely speculated Rehnquist's fight with thyroid cancer might lead to his resignation. Meanwhile, arguments about the seat being vacated by Sandra Day O'Conner are already under way. Scott Tong reports.

The Public's Business: pension funds

Companies routinely project pension funds will generate far more dollars they they really do. Makes company books look sharp. But for workers and institutional investors, it does seem like a bit of a raw deal, doesn't it? Marketplace commentator Robert Reich looks at pension funds.

Hockey lockout over?

The NHL and its skaters have reached an agreement in principle in the labor dispute that forced cancellation of their entire season. Tess Vigeland talks with host David Brown.

An economic paradox

China's economy is booming, but its two domestic stock exchanges are at 8-year lows. From Shanghai, Ruth Kirshner reports on the government's efforts to the markets around.
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