Marketplace PM for July 10, 2006

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New drugs could get a different test

The FDA may significantly change the way it allows drugs to be tested. Marketplace's Helen Palmer explains to host Kai Ryssdal what that change could mean for drug companies and consumers.
Posted In: Health

Who gets credit for projected smaller deficit?

Tomorrow the White House is expected to announce the projected budget deficit will be $100 billion less than originally feared, because people paid way more in taxes than expected. But why? Scott Tong reports.
Posted In: Economy, Washington

It's time to change nation's fiscal course

Comptroller General of the United States David Walker has a warning for new Treasury Secy. Henry Paulson and his boss: Fix current economic policies or we're in for a lot of pain.
Posted In: Economy, Washington

Learning to hack for all the right reasons

This fall students in Britain will start on the country's first bachelor's degree that teaches them everything they need to know about cyber-crime. Stephen Beard reports.

A dwindling crop of migrant workers

Get ready to pay more for your morning glass of O.J. Florida citrus growers are having problems finding enough workers to pick the fruit. Ashley Milne-Tyte reports.
Posted In: Canada, Washington

Looking for cash in keeping it clean

A federal judge has ruled that services stripping naughty bits from films sold for home viewing violate copyright laws. Other entrepreneurs, however, are ready to tame your TV for profit. Steve Tripoli reports.
Posted In: Entrepreneurship

More recruits go Army

You might think the continued reports of deaths in Iraq would be hurting the Pentagon's recruiting program. But the Army announced today it's above its goal for this year. Hillary Wicai reports.

Unusual question at Southwest: Window or aisle?

Southwest Airlines passengers flying out of San Diego today are in for something a little bit different — assigned seating. Ethan Lindsey reports on why the no-frills flyer is trying something new.

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