Marketplace PM for January 7, 2005

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A Palestinian weekend

Palestinians vote this weekend for a new president. Many think they already know who'll win. Mahmoud Abbas, is the candidate of Yasir Arafat's party, Al Fateh. The main opposition didn't run a candidate. That opposition is Hamas, the militant Islamic movement. Hamas did take part in local elections last month. And some of their candidates won. Now, the movment has to figure out how to operate in a businesslike fashion with the governing Palestinian Authority. Marketplace's Nancy Updike has the story.

The week that was, on Wall Street

It's Friday, and that means it is time to check the week on Wall Street with stockbroker and business analyst David Johnson in Dallas.

21st century toys!

From the fountains at Caesars Palace to the lagoons at Mandalay Bay, flurries could be seen above the palm trees of Las Vegas today. But the forecast we're interested in has nothing to do with the bizarre weather outside. Adam Lashinsky, senior writer for Fortune magazine, is in Vegas for the annual Consumer Electronics Show, getting a preview of what tech toys are about to hit the market.

Trafficking after tsunami

Today the United Nations Children's Fund became the first to confirm a case of trafficking in children orphaned in the tsunami disaster. Trafficking has been a problem in the region for some time, with kids being smuggled out for adoption, forced labor, or work in the sex industry. But today's UNICEF report lends credence to claims that emerged soon after the killer waves... of stranded children being taken away by adults claiming to be their parents. From a refugee camp on the eastern coast of Sri Lanka, Miranda Kennedy reports.

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