Marketplace PM for January 6, 2005

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Amazon sinks a bit

Remember the web? Apparently we were hitting it pretty hard over the holidays. One new report says Americans spent $23 billion online - up a whopping 25 percent over last season. So riddle us this. Why did the granddaddy of e-commerce get hit with a downgrade? Shares in tumbled this week after an analyst at Smith Barney called it high-risk, recommending a 'sell'. Marketplace's Lisa Napoli takes a look.

Rebuilding Indonesia

In Jakarta today, a world conference to plan for the reconstruction of countries devastated by the tsunamis. U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan issued a plea for nearly $1 billion in cash for emergency humanitarian aid - and that's just for the next six months. But many aren't waiting for the reconstruction money. They're already trying to put their lives back together... as Marketplace's Jocelyn Ford discovered in one of the worst hit-areas: Banda Aceh, Indonesia.

What flu epidemic?

Remember the near panic about flu shots not being available this year? Today the company that makes a flu nasal spray vaccine says it's selling only about a third of what it expected to this winter. Flu-mist had ramped up its production to meet a potential flu crisis - one that hasn't materialized so far. There's a new tool that might have helped the folks at Flu-mist. Some researchers at the University of Iowa College of Business are trying to improve our ability to predict flu outbreaks - by using a model some of you might be familiar with. From WOI in Ames, Iowa, Joyce Russell reports.

Olympic debates

The International Olympic Committee is nearing a decision on what city will host the 2012 Olympics. But after years of scandals about cities bribing IOC board members to steer the games their way, the IOC has decided to make a change. Host David Brown talks to Business of Sports analyst Diana Nyad about the upcoming televised debate between cities to determine who gets the host the Olympics.

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