Marketplace PM for January 31, 2006

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Employment cost index

It's Alan Greenspan's last day as head of the Fed. A statistic Greenspan's particularly fond of is going in the right direction for him. But that also means that workers are falling further behind on pay. Bob Moon has more.
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Israeli tax cutoff

Israel said today that it won't turn over tax revenue to Palestinian Authority after militant group Hamas won last week's elections there. The move may prompt Hamas to ask the Arab world to step in with donations to cover the funding gap. From Israel, Irris Mackler has the story.

State of the Union - Health

President Bush delivers his State of the Union address tonight. Among other things, he plans to propose new initiatives for health insurance. John Dimsdale has a preview.
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State of the Union - Energy

President Bush also plans to talk about energy initiatives in his State of the Union address tonight. Sam Eaton reports.

Hedge fund dropouts

You've probably heard about hedge funds. They're basically fancy mutual funds for rich people and institutions. Not long ago, anybody with a Bloomberg terminal and a couple wealthy friends could start one. Many left traditional jobs on Wall Street for the promise of spectacular profits. But some say the glory days may be drawing to an end. And many who struck out on their own are now returning to the fold. Amy Scott reports.
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Southwest's Gary Kelly on building a corporate culture

In the first installment of our new segment "Conversations from the Corner Office," Kai talks with Southwest Airlines CEO Gary Kelly about building a corporate culture, and why the customer isn't necessarily always right.

Kabul kids

International donors are meeting today to discuss aid to Afghanistan. Unemployment remains rampant there, but as Miranda Kennedy reports, kids in Afghanistan aren't having problems finding work.