Marketplace PM for January 31, 2005

Episode Description 

Iraqi election

The Iraqi elections are over and there is a muted optimism within the country over the political success. Will that translate to a brighter economic future for the country? Marketplace's Borzou Daragahi reports.

Marketing Social Security

Commentator Adam Hanft talks about how Republicans will advertise the Bush Administration's reforms for Social Security. Among their strategies: use plain talk... acknowledge risks... but keep the numbers small.

Your genes in a box

Today, it's theoretically possible to put your entire genetic code on a CD. But doing anything with the data is pretty hypothetical. Now, some companies are starting to offer genetic tests directly to consumers, as futurist Andrew Zolli tells host David Brown.

Gangster casting

What do you do when you are a casting director and you need an authentic look for a criminal? Robin Urevich reports on a Los Angeles casting agency that's making it big with a roster of ex-cons.

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