Marketplace PM for January 28, 2005

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Dealing in Davos

If you've been paying attention this week, you may have heard me mention "Davos" several times. For the record, Davos is a mountaintop resort in Switzerland. As we've been using it here, however, it's a shorthand for a meeting of movers and shakers that takes place at Davos every year. Our invitations were apparently lost in the mail, but that's okay. Financial Times columnist Amity Shlaes is there and she knows her way around...

Making peace ... after disaster

The tsunami drew attention to a corner of the world many people had never heard of. Aceh, a province in northern Indonesia. A place already suffering from three decades of civil war. Today, there's progress toward settling that conflict. Indonesia's President has offered separatist rebels amnesty, and greater autonomy. In exchange, he wants a ceasefire. The olive branch comes on the eve of peace talks this weekend. We've heard reports in the past month about rebels and the government cooperating in relief efforts. But as Marketplace's Jocelyn Ford reports, fighting continues for control of the area's natural resources and wealth.

The week that was... on Wall Street

Friday means that Marketplace host David Brown catches up with Dallas stockbroker and analyst David Johnson about the week on Wall Street, and what you might expect to see next week.

Mexico, and travel warnings

Condoleeza Rice faced a lot of flak over Iraq during her confirmation hearing. Now sworn in as Secretary of State, her first challenge comes considerably closer to home. Earlier this week the State Department issued a statement warning tourists to beware visiting the busiest border in the world. And that has businesses both here in the states and in Mexico worried. From our bureau at WLRN, Marketplace Americas correspondent Dan Grech explains.

Bravery in Iraq

Bradley fighting vehicles rumbled through neighborhoods in Iraq today, combining security sweeps with a get-out-the-vote effort. Iraqis go to the polls this weekend for the country's first multi-party election in 50 years. Islamic militants have threatened to kill anybody who casts a ballot. They've also targeted polling places. To vote in Iraq would seem to be an act of courage. But to help organize the voting process--one might almost call it an act of defiance... or even folly. Marketplace's Baghdad correspondent Borzou Daragahi wanted to meet one of these poll organizers.

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