Marketplace PM for January 27, 2005

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Brave pollster

Iraqi insurgents are saying they will attack anyone who votes in Sunday's election. But some brave Iraqis are not only voting, they are working the polls on Election Day. Marketplace's Borzou Daragahi found one pollster as he prepared for Sunday.

NYSE to open early

Big Board chief John Thain made headlines at the World Economic Forum in Davos today when he said the New York Stock Exchange was thinking about opening two hours earlier. Marketplace's Amy Scott, on Wall Street, asks the actual traders what they think about getting up two hours earlier.

Lukoil rebranding

Pretty soon there will be no more Mobil or Getty Oil stations in the U.S. Russian parent company has decided to rebrand all its American stations under the corporate moniker -- Lukoil. Marketplace's Alisa Roth asks whether the effort will help or hurt the company's brand identity.


Commentator and Harvard psychologist Susan Linn says she thinks the decision by junk food companies not to market to kids is because they've found an ever better channel to children's stomachs -- video games.

Spy hard

It's now a month into the New Year. So, how's your resolution working? Cash Peters finds some L.A. gym owners who have an idea that may keep you on the treadmill for more than just January.

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