Marketplace PM for January 26, 2006

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GM's losses

General Motors said today it lost $4.8 billion in the fourth quarter and $8.6 billion in all of 2005 -- $1 billion more than analysts expected. The losses come at a tough time for GM, already planning major cuts. Alisa Roth reports.

Agent Orange compensation

Today, a South Korean court ordered two US manufacturers of Agent Orange to pay $62 million in medical compensation to Korean veterans of the Vietnam War. Helen Palmer has more.
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Chipotle IPO

Shares of fast-food chain Chipotle doubled today after its IPO. But even though Chiptole's debuting on the markets, the company remains under the control of its corporate parent, McDonald's. Tess Vigeland finds out why the Golden Arches is cutting part of Chipotle loose.
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Hamas victory

The Islamic militant group Hamas has won a big victory in the Palestinian elections. Their win may endanger the billion dollars in annual aid that Palestinians receive from the donor nations. Kai speaks to former Middle East negotiator Dennis Ross about the election's implications.

Saudi Arabia's poor choices

Saudi Arabia's looking for energy deals with China and India... including drilling for new supplies. But writer and commentator Vijay Vaitheeswaran says Abdullah's dancing with the wrong partners.

China protests

Last week, a series of protests in China over land confiscations turned deadly. Jocelyn Ford visited the town where the protests occurred, and reports on why they happened.

Please move

In New York City, landlords and developers will to pay big money to convince you to vacate your rent-controlled apartment. It's worth it because it allows them to raise the rent, or build luxury condos. But as Amy Scott reports, the city may be paying a price.

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