Marketplace PM for January 25, 2005

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Bee mites

This is an important week for beekeepers. The hibernation season is ending, and keepers are pulling back the covers of hives, making sure their workforce is in good shape. But this year, some in the industry are worried that they may have fewer bees than expected. From Sacramento station KXJZ, Bob Hensley reports on the problem with the pollinators for hire.

A world of squatters?

An all time high of 6,680,000 used homes found new owners last year. But America's housing boom obscures an international trend running the other direction. In the new book "Shadow Cities", investigative journalist Robert Neuwirth writes that within a generation, more than half the people living in the world's cities will be squatters.


Yes! It's that time again, to open our mailbox and grab some letters. Your host - our own David Brown.

Argentina and debt games

Name the two largest economies in South America? Gold star if you guessed Argentina and Brazil. Careful though. This is a tale of two countries with two left-leaning leaders taking different tacks to get fiscally fit. Look at Argentina. Four years ago, the government declared bankruptcy. Since then, Argentina's pretty much thumbed its nose at international pressure for free-market reforms. Just today, the president told investors he's sticking with a controversial plan to pay only part of the country's debt. From Buenos Aires, Marketplace's Americas Desk correspondent Dan Grech reports.

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