Marketplace PM for January 21, 2005

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Is anybody listening?

When the Enron story first surfaced, it wasn't clear whether it was just a lone case. Then a wave of corporate scandals left Washington feeling no choice but to step in to prevent more Enrons. A law called Sarbanes-Oxley imposed tougher audits, more accountability, independent oversight. So shaken was confidence in corporate America, that even many in the business community applauded the reforms. Well, a lot of that applause has subsided. In fact, one can now hear catcalls from corporate America. Marketplace's John Dimsdale reports.

The Week that was, on Wall Street

Friday means our host in Los Angeles David Brown talks to our man in Dallas, David Johnson - stockbroker and analyst.

Promoting Osama?

Some news from the publishing world is drumming up controversy this week. A division of Random House plans to publish the writings of Osama bin Laden and other Al Qaeda leaders. The idea? According to a spokesperson, to help Americans know "the mind of the enemy". Some wonder whether a publisher should profit from printing what many view as hate speech. Apparently, even the publisher itself is asking that question. Marketplace's Amy Scott reports.

In Iraq, just show me the money!

This is the homestretch. A week from Sunday: elections in Iraq. There are more than a hundred political parties on the ballot - all in need of campaign funds. Iraq is not a wealthy country at the moment, and yet there's a lot of campaign money floating around. This raises an obvious question: where's it coming from? In Baghdad, Marketplace's Borzou Daragahi has been finding some of the answers.

Defining relief

It's been almost a month since the killer waves in South Asia. According to the UN's special envoy assigned to the tsunami disaster attention now has to turn from emergency assistance to reconstruction. With this new chapter, commentator Stuart Hart of Cornell's School of Management wonders if the time has come for a reconsideration of what it means to provide relief...

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