Marketplace PM for January 20, 2005

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Better Homes, Chinese style

Quick: think of a magazine devoted to domesticity with a mainstream, middle-America sense of style. Better Homes and Gardens, perhaps? For more than one hundred years it's been published in Iowa. Apparently they've decided to expand their reach just a little bit. From WOI radio in Des Moines, Joyce Russell reports.

Economic liberty?

"In America's ideal of freedom, citizens find the dignity and security of economic independence, instead of laboring on the edge of subsistence." That was part of the President's inaugural message today. In his address he promised to build on government's promises of the past. But business historian John Steele Gordon argues the President's plan is more a fundamental break with that past...

The baby business

Thousands of children in South Asia lost parents in the tsunami. And in the U.S. thousands of would-be parents have been phoning adoption hotlines. All the interest in overseas adoptions comes despite an abundance of African American children looking for homes. From Marketplace's Work and Family Desk, Hillary Wicai reports adoption experts have noticed a trend.

Finances and the Ford Motor Company

You like those American cars? The Motor City wishes there were more who did. Today Ford reported its market share slipped again last year. And yet the company still turned a profit - $850 million. The bulk of that money doesn't come from car sales but from its finance arm. Really? Even with all those zero percent incentives? Paul Eisenstine is a longtime auto journalist, and explains how the finance division makes money.

A later license to drive ...

The youngest Americans eligible to drive - don't. Check out the latest government statistics. Of all 16 and 17 year olds in the United States, only 43 percent have a driver's license. In California the figure is even smaller, about 27 percent. Work and Family correspondent Sarah Gardner reports on why some teens don't seem to be in much of a hurry to step on the gas.

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