Marketplace PM for January 2, 2006

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Europe turns up the heat on Russia

Russia shut off natural gas supplies to Ukraine yesterday as a dispute over prices escalated. Today, Russia agreed to turn the gas back on, but the effect has rippled across the continent and hit some other members of the EU. Stephen Beard reports.

Viacom's unmerger

As of tomorrow, media giant Viacom will trade as two separate companies -- Viacom Inc. and CBS Corporation. Amy Scott tells us what to expect from the two new companies.

Box office blues

The film industry just suffered its worst box office take in 14 years. Most industry analysts say the traditional business model has to change. Brian Watt looks at what Hollywood needs to do to right the ship in 2006.

Imagine googling your car keys...

Google organizes the online universe. But now some companies are trying to find ways to apply search engine technology to the physical world. Chana Joffe-Walt reports.

Haircut nirvana

Think a haircut is just a haircut? Think again. Commentator Beth Teitell discovered -- to her dismay -- that when it comes to a good stylist, you really do get what you pay for.

Meet the Despachantes

Sometimes government regulations can sap business productivity. The bureaucracy is so bad in Brazil that it has spawned a new profession dedicated to getting through the maze. Dan Grech reports from Sao Paolo.
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No chipmunking at the meeting

Ever heard of a green weenie? How about a three-fingered booger? Or a binaca blast? Sounds like playground slang, but it's actually corporate speak, and author Ron Sturgeon explains it to host Tess Vigeland.

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