Marketplace PM for January 17, 2006

Episode Description 

The "Me Generation" of China

A new generation of people in China suddenly has choices to make for themselves: Where to live, what kind of job to do... even whom to marry. How are they handling this new level of self-determination? To find out, Kai Ryssdal tagged along with a group of twenty-somethings on a Friday night.

China's newly rich

A new class of wealthy entrepreneurs is thriving in China. It's also beginning to struggle with the decadence and consumption that have become a part of succeeding at business there. From the city of Chengdu on the Tibetan border, Nate DiMeo reports on China's newly rich.

Prosperity and spirituality

More cars. More big buildings. More money for more people. If China is moving forward, what is it leaving behind? Spirituality? Kai Ryssdal talks with Reverend Gao Ying, the heir apparent to run China's only national seminary.

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