Marketplace PM for January 10, 2006

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Defrauded? Get what's coming to you!

Why dredge up all those memories of money you might have lost to frauds like AOL, Computer Associates, and Enron? Writer and commentator Kim Clark says those losses are worth something... but you need to act fast.

Hershey's wishes

Cheryl Glaser talks with author Michael D'Antonio about his new biography of Milton Hershey, who founded not only a chocolate company, but a place which he envisioned as the small town he never got to grow up in.

We get letters...

The mailbag is always open, and always full, here at Marketplace. Cheryl Glaser shares some recent comments we've received...

In need of a concrete plan

Suicide bombers in Iraq have launched deadly attacks at crowded mosques. There was a measure of calm today, but most don't expect the peace to last. The fear of suicide bombs has spawned a new kind of construction boom, complete with shortages. From Baghdad, Ben Gilbert reports.

New and different GM discounts

General Motors announced new price cuts on most of its cars and trucks today. Alisa Roth reports on how these sale prices could help GM in a different way than the more traditional incentive programs.

Wouldn't you rather drive a... Geely?

Japanese automakers are still making money in the US market, so now a Chinese carmaker says it's going to cross the Pacific too. Geely Automobile plans to sell low-priced cars in the US by 2008, as Bill Poorman reports from Michigan.

Lobbying firm ASG shuts down. Kinda.

Alexander Strategy Group, a lobbying firm with close ties to Jack Abramoff and Tom Delay, is shutting down its lobbying business. But as John Dimsdale reports, some ASG employees hope to form a new firm... with the same clients.

Salary flap

Skyrocketing executive pay has dogged corner offices since the corporate scandals of the first part of the decade. Now the SEC is considering a major overhaul of executive pay disclosure rules. Bob Moon reports.
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