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Marketplace PM for February 9, 2006

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DeLay finds a new role

Rep. Tom DeLay
Pool/AFP (c) Getty Images

The Ritalin Generation

Pill in hand
Michelle Jarboe, Youth Radio

India's glittering stockpile

20060209 indiagold gettyid55930477
Raveendran/AFP (c) Getty Images

Bird flu comes to Africa

Women with plucked chickens in an open market in Cotonou, Benin, near Nigeria
Erick-Christian Ahounou/AFP (c) Getty Images

Going green with Gulf Coast rebuilding

The Lower Ninth Ward in front of construction crews repairing the Industrial Canal levee
Ethan Miller (c) Getty Images

AIG's big settlement

Former AIG chief Maurice Greenberg
Don Emmert (c) Getty Images

Contract with America

Woman reading employment classified ads
Joe Raedle (c) Getty Images

Tesco crosses the pond

Tesco shopping cart
Peek a Boo at
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