Marketplace PM for February 7, 2006

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GM feels the cuts

General Motors announced today it's cutting its yearly dividend in half and reducing the salaries of its chairman and senior leadership team. Cheryl Glaser speaks to the New York Times' Micheline Maynard about the pressure the company is under.

Toyota, meanwhile, doing just fine

While GM struggles, Toyota is seeing strong sales. From the Innovations Desk at North Carolina Public Radio, Janet Babin reports.

Challenging some deficit assumptions

Treasury Secretary John Snow is on Capitol Hill today rallying support for the President's budget. In addition to the controversy over some of the President's budget decisions, some of the revenue assumptions built into the budget may be on shaky ground too. Hillary Wicai has more.
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Asbestos lawsuits bill

The Senate is set to vote today on whether to consider a bill to halt asbestos lawsuits. The bill's prompted intense lobbying and many observers don't expect it to pass. Eric Niiler reports on what happens next, if and when the bill dies.
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The US, Canada, and Argentina have all complained to the World Trade Organization about the EU's policy on genetically modified food. As Helen Palmer reports, today the WTO said Europe's policy will have to change.
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Health rationing

Soaring costs mean that the financial health of Medicare is deteriorating quickly. Commentator and health policy expert Jonathan Weiner says major surgery may be in order.
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Sirius piracy

Howard Stern's moved to satellite radio, but he's not done dealing with the FCC. This time, though, he's asking for the agency's help. Cheryl Glaser speaks to LA Times reporter Dawn Chimelieswki about the story.

Mzoli's meat

In South Africa, the government's economic empowerment policies are starting to show results. More young blacks are going to college, earning business and marketing degrees, and capitalizing on the drive toward "Black Economic Empowerment." So where does this up and coming black middle class go to spend its hard-earned cash? The hot spot in Cape Town is a butcher shop -- on the outskirts of the city. Youth Radio's Unathi Kondile reports.

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