Marketplace PM for February 6, 2006

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Scrutinizing supplementals

President Bush sent Congress a $2.77 trillion budget plan today, calling for increased defense spending that's paid for by siphoning funding from other government programs. But as Hilary Wicai reports, at least two supplemental spending bills are likely to follow.
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Fiscal checkup

Today The White House released a list of government programs that were deemed either effective or ineffective. Curt Nickisch browsed the site to figure out how the government's doing.
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Risky business?

The government's proposing to create two new federally insured mortgage programs for first-time and low-income buyers. Tess Vigeland looks into whether a slowing housing market may undermine these programs at birth.
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Cartoon backlash

Iran announced a broad economic boycott of Denmark today. This comes after many Muslims around the world have denounced cartoons first published in a Danish newspaper. Many Iraqis are pressuring their government to sever ties with countries that have published the cartoons. Stephen Beard has the story.
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Nuclear power reconsidered

The Bush administration proposed an atomic energy partnership with Russia. The controversial program would involve recycling other countries' spent nuclear fuel. But as correspondent Sarah Gardner reports, major utility companies are beginning to push plans for new reactors in the United States.
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Do health savings accounts really add up?

Economist and commentator Glenn Hubbard weighs in on the debate over health savings accounts.

Bitter secret of a sweet business

A lawsuit filed today alleges that major chocolate companies are helping to sponsor a system of human trafficking and slavery in the Ivory Coast. Cheryl Glaser speaks to human rights activist and lawyer Terry Collingsworth about the case.
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Ethically-produced chocolate

Chocolate makers are trying to replicate the success of Fair Trade coffee by coming up with a system to tell consumers that their chocolate has been produced ethically. Jeff Tyler has the story.
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