Marketplace PM for February 4, 2005

Episode Description 

Waiting for the new budget

The President and the Administration unveil the budget next week. What's going to be in it? Marketplace's Scott Tong takes a sneak peek.

The week that was on Wall Street

If it's Friday, it means host David Brown talks to Dallas stockbroker and business analyst David Johnson about the last five days in the markets. And maybe, what to expect next week...

What's with all the mergers ...

Telecom is just the latest industry swept up in merger fever. Why is all this happening right now -- and how long can it go on for? Commentator Matthew Bishop makes his case.

India steps up to the table

Western aid money is flowing into Asia for tsunami relief. But India says it doesn't want the handout and is instead sending some of its own money to even harder-hit countries. Marketplace's Miranda Kennedy reports.

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