Marketplace PM for February 3, 2006

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Is unemployment as low as it looks?

US companies hired almost 200,000 people in January. The Labor Department says that cuts the unemployment rate a couple tenths to 4.7%. Last time it was that low? July, 2001. Bob Moon has more.
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Denmark feels the sting from Muslim boycott

The largest foodmaker in Denmark says it's losing $2 million a day from a boycott in the Mideast over editorial cartoons printed in a Danish newspaper. From the European Desk in London, Stephen Beard has the story.

Young and unemployed in France

In France, the youth unemployment rate is one of the highest in Europe, which many say contributed to the outbreak of violence last November in the country's suburbs. The French government is trying to get young people back to work, but no one's thrilled about the proposals. Eleanor Beardsley reports.

David Johnson checks in

Tess Vigeland checks in with Dallas stock broker David Johnson to find out about the week on Wall Street.
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The struggle continues

Coretta Scott King's funeral is next Tuesday. Though the wife of Martin Luther King will never be forgotten, their dream of racial equality is barely breathing, says economist and commentator Marcellus Andrews.
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In-state tuition for undocumented students

The debate over illegal immigration is spilling into some college campuses, and the focus is on tuition. Adolfo Guzman Lopez reports from Southern California Public Radio.
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Why so many movie flops?

Seen any good movies lately? There have been a lot of flops again in the past year, including the new version of "The Producers." Tess Vigeland speaks to author James Parish, who's written a history of the Hollywood flop.

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