Marketplace PM for February 27, 2006

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Housing market cools

New home sales fell by 5% in January, according to Commerce Department figures released today, providing further evidence that the national housing market is cooling. Amy Scott takes a look.
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The EU and Hamas

The EU is expected to pass a resolution today that will keep financial aid flowing into Hamas-led Palestine. EU leaders are also demanding that Hamas disarm, recognize Israel and accept past Israeli-Palestinian peace agreements. Stephen Beard looks into the EU's decision, and what it portends for the Palestinian government.
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Cell phone content

Rupert Murdoch's News Corp is creating a production house to provide content for cell phones. Today rival network CBS announced plans to start a subscription service that will send news and entertainment directly to cell phones. Lisa Napoli explains the rush to send TV content to cell phones.

The Army and Halliburton

Although auditors have found that a Halliburton subsidiary overcharged the Armed Forces $263 million, the Army has to decided to reimburse the company for nearly all of the disputed charges. The Army says contractors are not required to perform perfectly to be entitled to reimbursement. Kai speaks with New York Times correspondent James Glanz about the Army's decision.

Stem cell program lawsuit

California's voter-approved plan to fund stem cell research goes on trial today. The lawsuit alleges that the program is unconstitutional because it's not under the exclusive control of the state. The case may set a legal precedent for the future of stem cell funding. Janet Babin reports.
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Iran's uranium enrichment

Iran appears determined to expand its uranium enrichment program, according to the UN's atomic watchdog agency. Writer and Commentator Reza Aslan argues that the key to defusing the situation is the opposite of Iran's continued isolation and sanctions.

South America's indigenous movements

Indigenous movements throughout Latin America are increasingly setting their sights on various economic targets to advance their political agendas. From the Americas Desk, Dan Grech reports.
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