Marketplace PM for February 21, 2007

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Study: More money will go to health care

National health-care spending will double in the next 10 years, a study says. One out of every five dollars we spend will be for health care, and Uncle Sam will be footing more of the bill. Amy Scott reports.
Posted In: Economy, Health

Borrow now to party and gamble . . . responsibly

The payday-lending industry's spending $10 million to polish its image and adopt a few regulations — before the government does. Nancy Marshall Genzer reports.
Posted In: Crime

Wal-Mart preaches diversity to suppliers

Wal-Mart has approached its major suppliers with another initiative — boosting diversity within their ranks. Ashley Milne-Tyte reports.
Posted In: Retail

Airbus takes another hit, but it's still competing

British Airways announced it's buying four new jets from Boeing — not Airbus — with the option to buy four more. John Newhouse, author of a new book on the Boeing-Airbus rivalry talks with Kai Ryssdal.
Posted In: Books, Travel

An MIT education — no charge

MIT has an alternative pricing plan for its courses. Total cost: not much more than an Internet connection. And you get everything regular students get . . . except the diploma. Janet Babin reports.

Everybody profits from fair-labor standards

Democrats on Capitol Hill are pushing for fair-labor standards to be attached to all international trade agreements. Commentator Robert Reich says those standards would be good for both sides.
Posted In: Canada

Find your child a mate? It's a walk in the park

Tens of millions of China's young people are unmarried and too busy working in the new Chinese economy to look for spouses. In Shanghai, parents are lending a hand with a trip to People's Park. Scott Tong reports.

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