Marketplace PM for February 20, 2006

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Niger Delta blues

The price of oil jumped on European markets today. Traders were fretting over the latest upsurge in violent unrest in Nigeria. Africa's leading oil exporter has just cut its crude output by 20%. From London, Stephen Beard reports.
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Sony Delaystation

Sony's Playstation 3 video-game console was supposed to be released this Spring. But the company said today that it may have to delay the release; cost and technological difficulties are holding back its development. Alisa Roth tells us what such a delay might mean.

The city of brotherly love... and money

In his book "The First Wall Street," Robert Wright notes that in colonial days, Philadelphia was home to the nation's treasury, its first stock exchange, and some big insurance companies. Cheryl Glaser talks to him about what made the city so attractive to financial types.
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Bullish on fun financial metaphors

Sure, we know the Dow doesn't really flirt with 11,000. But what harm is there in having a little fun when we do the numbers? Scott Tong reports on the pitfalls of metaphor.
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Meet Clocky...

It's about a foot long, brown and shaggy, with wheels. When its alarm goes off, you hit the snooze button. But then Clocky rolls off your nightstand and heads for another part of the room... and starts beeping again. WBUR's Sean Cole reports.

Indians on the phone

India's seeing a soaring economy and rising incomes in its middle class. But writer and commentator J.D. Samant finds that when it comes to business, India is a lot smaller than you might think.
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Real estate's come-from-behind win in Park City

Park City, Utah, hosted numerous events during the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympics. Many realtors predicted a housing boom to come with the Games. It came... but not until a while later. Robin Sussingham reports.
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