Marketplace PM for February 16, 2006

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Satellite radio

Today, XM Satellite Radio execs were playing up all the new subscribers they signed up last year. But it turns out XM paid dearly for all those ears: It posted a loss of almost $270 million for the final quarter of 2005. Bob Moon reports.

Delphi and GM

Tomorrow could be a big day for GM. That's when auto parts supplier Delphi decides if it'll ask a judge to void its union contracts. Delphi workers have threatened to strike if that happens, and that could shut down General Motors plants, which depend on Delphi for parts. Alisa Roth has more.

Investing in disaster

One of Silicon Valley's biggest venture capital firms will invest $200 million into a pandemic and bio-defense fund. The VC fund also invested in Google and Amazon. Helen Palmer looks into whether its latest idea has legs.
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Killer prices?

Genentech's drug Avastin is a highly effective treatment for colon, breast, and lung cancer. It's also incredibly expensive. Genentech says society has to be willing to pay more for the benefits of life-sustaining drugs, but Commentator Jamie Court says drug companies have a moral obligation not to price them out of reach.
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EasyJet feeling uneasy

The British low cost airline EasyJet is worried. Its stock is being gobbled up, and there are signs that the company is being primed for a takeover. So who are these masked market raiders? As Stephen Beard reports from London, they hail from foreign shores.

Olympics ratings fall down

So far, the 2006 Winter Olympics have been a big ratings disappointment for NBC. Kai Ryssdal speaks with our Business of Sports analyst Diana Nyad about the future of the Games on television.
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Marketing degrees

Everyone knows private colleges are expensive. On average, parents spend more than $100,000 on degrees for their children. Now some parents are paying to find their kids jobs after they've walked across the stage. WBUR'S Monica Brady-Myerov reports.

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