Marketplace PM for February 14, 2005

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More defense spending

The White House today asked Congress for $82 billion dollars in emergency spending. Most of that money would go to the Pentagon, for operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. But it appears the Defense Department slipped a few non-emergency items into the rainy day request. Marketplace's Scott Tong reports.

Ground Round

If your idea of a good burger is one that weighs as much as your plate you might have the folks at Ground Round to thank. But one year ago this week the Ground Round went down for the count. Franchise operators were not expecting it. And no-one expected what would happen next. Amy Mayer reports.

Mergers and heartbreaks

A lot is happening in the telecom industry. Quest communications wants to buy MCI ... then along came Verizon with a deal worth a half billion dollars less. Some argue the consolidation in telecom is inevitable, given the scale of these businesses.But Harvard Professor Rakesh Khurana thinks the recent wave of corporate mergers is sure to break some hearts.Harvard business school professor Rakesh Khurana is a contributor to the book "Restoring Trust in American Business."

Daytona 500

This weekend one of the biggest events in NASCAR racing -- The Daytona 500 -- is run. Marketplace's David Brown talks with Dan Neil, who writes about cars for the Los Angeles Times.

Harlequin Enterprises

Today is the third biggest retail holiday of the year. Ask the people at Harlequin Enterprises. Their romance books did more than $450 million bucks in business in 2003. Now Harlequin's making eyes at the movie industry. Marketplace's Cheryl Glaser prepared our story.

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