Marketplace PM for February 1, 2006

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United emerges from bankruptcy

United Airlines emerges from bankruptcy today, just as Jet Blue announced first quarter losses. What does an airline need to do to make a profit? What will United do lift its stock value? Bob Moon has the story.

Burger King goes public

Burger King stock will be publicly offered for the first time in the chain's history. Burger King is one of the top three burger chains in the country, but it's the only one never to be traded publicly. Amy Scott takes a closer look.
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As long as they don't call it the Kentucky Fried Derby...

Yum Foods has won a 5-year contract to sponsor the Kentucky Derby. The company, which owns Kentucky Fried Chicken, Taco Bell, and Pizza Hut, is the first-ever sponsor of the Derby. Curt Nickish reports on the significance.

Wal-Mart: No Plan B for you

Three Massachusetts women have filed a suit against Wal-Mart because the store does not carry an emergency contraceptive. A new Massachusetts law allows pharmacists to sell the 'Plan B' pill without a prescription. But as Alisa Roth explains, Wal-Mart pharmacies don't stock it.

The competitive edge

The president's State of the Union address last night started with a discussion of the economy, and how the government can make the economy more competitive. Kai Ryssdal speaks with competitiveness expert Clyde Prestowitz about whether the president's prescription will cure what ails the US economy.
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Health saving accounts - what might they mean?

The State of the Union address focused most strongly on foreign affairs and terrorism. But the president gave a push to one of his favorite initiatives: Health saving accounts. As Helen Palmer reports, the prospect of more cash flowing into these new health care accounts is reshaping health insurance -- and financial services.
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Time to unlink healthcare and work

Conservative commentator Steve Moore says that the US needs to stop linking healthcare and employment.
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Used cars migrate over the border

As car buyers shed their old cars for the hotter, 2006 models, dealers have found themselves inundated with trade-ins. This over supply in the used-car market is having a ripple effect, all the way to Mexico. Jordana Gustafson has the story.

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