Marketplace PM for February 1, 2005

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President Bush and the choice word ...

President Bush gives his State of the Union address tomorrow night. Commentator and consumer advocate Jamie Court says he's sure the President is going bring up the theme of an "ownership society" and the idea of giving Americans more economic choices.

Ports of Alaska eager for business

Dozens of cargo ships from China have been sitting off the coast of Southern California, waiting to unload their cargo at the congested ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach. Gabriel Spitzer reports that port officials in Anchorage, Alaska, think they see a business opening.

Telecommuting, at the federal level

A majority of government workers would like to work from home, according to a survey out today, and now some government agencies will face a $5 million hit if they don't make it happen. From the Work and Family Desk, Marketplace's Hillary Wicai reports.

The consulting ban at NIH

The National Institutes of Health adopted major ethics reforms today and will no longer allow its scientists to accept consulting fees from drug companies. Nor can they own pharmaceutical stocks. Marketplace's Amy Scott reports that some say conflicts at the agency had spun out of control.

NASA and the 21st century

The space shuttle Columbia exploded two years ago today, killing all seven of its crewmembers. Following the disaster, the shuttle program was grounded and NASA conducted a major review of the country's space investments. But author Greg Klerkx says some of the biggest changes to the shuttle will be technical.

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