Marketplace PM for December 6, 2004

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Tort reform - revisited

Members of Congress returned to Washington today, after a break for Thanksgiving. They've already made a deal toward revamping the country's intelligence apparatus. And the House is planning to wrap up work on a $388 billion spending bill. There's already a lot of talk about Social Security and tax reform--priorities for the next Congress. At a time when money issues are taking center stage, commentator and economist Glenn Hubbard worries about one issue getting sidetracked.

Partnerships for the future?

A major international airport wants to expand, with all the smog and noise that comes with it. What would you think if I told you that local grassroots activists are working together with airport officials to win approval of the expansion? Robin Urevich reports on an unusual partnership announced today... one that could signal a trend.

Steroids and baseball - a winning combination ...

Here we are in December with baseball making the headlines. In recent days grand jury transcripts have emerged indicating several players used performance enhancing drugs - including steroids. The issue took center stage at the players' union meeting in Phoenix today. This, on the heels of remarks over the weekend from Senator John McCain - he's suggesting Congress might revoke baseball's long-standing exemption from antitrust laws. Marketplace's Matthew Algeo reports.
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Fox and Clear Channel cut a deal

Fox News likes to say "We Report, You Decide". So, what do you make of this? The cable network has signed a deal with the country's largest chain of radio stations to provide national news for most of the news and talk outlets operated by Clear Channel Communications. A pairing made in heaven? Marketplace's Bob Moon reports.

Boeing and a new strategy

U.S. and European negotiators began trade talks today. Among the issues on the table - airplane builders. America's Boeing and Europe's Airbus accuse each other of unfairly using subsidies to win contracts. Just this year Airbus became the world's biggest aircraft maker. But Boeing is banking on a comeback with its new 7E7 Dreamliner. The plane is 20 percent more fuel efficient and 'relatively' cheap at $120 million. And Boeing has a strategy to convince foreigners to buy the inviting them to help build it. From Tokyo, Marketplace's Jessica Smith reports.
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