Marketplace PM for December 31, 2004

Episode Description 

Textile quotas at an end?

The decades-old system of imposing quotas on textiles and clothing imported from China is due to expire tomorrow. U.S. retailers are looking forward to the relaxed rules because it will make it cheaper for them to import their clothing. However, domestic textile manufacturers fear cheaper Chinese products will flood the market. Marketplace's Scott Tong explains.

Prozac problems

The FDA is investigating drug manufacturer Eli Lilly after The British Medical Journal revealed that it had confidential documents suggesting the company knew about potential side effects of its popular anti-depressant Prozac as long ago as the 1980s. Marketplac'a€™s Dan Grech reports.

The week and year that was, on Wall Street

Host Cheryl Glaser catches up with Dallas stockbroker David Johnson about the week, and year, on Wall Street.

Whoa - is that an atomic watch?

More than half of all Japanese watches sold are now synchronized to the Atomic clock. From Tokyo, Steve Herman reports on the growth of the atomic watch.

What tomorrow may bring ...

While others are looking back at the year that was, futurist Andrew Zolli and Marketplace host Cheryl Glaser discuss the technological developments we can look forward to in 2005. Say hello to drive-through shopping centers.

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