Marketplace PM for December 3, 2004

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Ukraine's unusual business boost

Above Kiev, fireworks tonight after Ukraine's Supreme Court declared the results of the recent presidential elections invalid. The court ordered another round of balloting on December 26th. The news electrified tens of thousands of supporters gathered at the square in support of opposition leader Viktor Yushchenko. His backers have been camped there since the November 21st elections, a protest of what they called widespread fraud. Though the demonstrations have hurt some sectors of Ukraine's economy, it has boosted others. From Kiev, Alex Kleimenov reports.
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The week on Wall Street

Host David Brown catches up with Dallas stockbroker and analyst David Johnson to talk about the big stories of the week that was... on Wall Street.

Going after the bad guys

You may have heard that the BBC had to apologize to Dow Chemical today. Its international TV news channel broadcast an interview with a Dow spokesman who took responsibility for the deadly industrial accident in Bhopal India 20 years ago today. The spokesman turned out to be a fake. The BBC says it was the victim of an elaborate deception. It now appears the hoaxer may be part of a group called the "Yes Men." They stage elaborate deceptions as a form of protest against corporatism. In the real world - no one has ever faced trial over the deaths of 3,500 people at the Bhopal factory owned by Union Carbide, now a Dow subsidiary. But this coming Monday that could start to change, says commentator and writer Mark Hertsgaard.

C-Span CEO ... cuts his own program

In the publishing industry authors often make the media rounds only to find that most of their interviewers have only a vague idea of the contents of their book. But that's never been the case on Booknotes. The program has featured interviews with authors ranging from Bill Clinton and Richard Nixon to Maureen Dowd and George Soros. This weekend, Booknotes will be shut down by the CEO of C-Span. That doesn't frustrate the program's host - since they're one and the same. Brian Lamb says he'd like to free up some time to read a book for pure personal pleasure for a change.

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