Marketplace PM for December 29, 2005

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Suite deal

America's third largest hotel, Hilton Hotels, is reuniting with Britain's Hilton Group. The two companies were separated more than forty years ago. From London, Stephen Beard reports.

Short-lived Independence

DC-based bankrupt airline Independence Air has told its employees it will shut down January 7th if its parent company can't find a buyer or major investors. That means small cities up and down the East Coast may see higher fares. Janet Babin reports.

Iraq's volatile marketplace

There are some small stirrings of life in the Iraq economy, but also a lot of uncertainty. Ben Gilbert reports from Baghdad.

Lobbying firms: The new start-ups?

2005 looks like a banner year for venture capital. The money's being invested in all sorts of high-flying industries: High tech, biochemicals, health care and, as commentator Jeff Birnbaum notes -- lobbying.

Talking about REAL money.

When we at Marketplace tell you about companies merging, breaking up, or restating their earnings, there's a measurement we haven't used much lately: The million. Ayala Ben-Yehuda tells us what's happened to that lowly number.

The state of the unions

Between bankrupt airlines and auto companies losing billions, it's been a tough year to be a union worker. Host Tess Vigeland speaks to labor economist Harley Shaiken about the year in labor.

Their cup runneth over

California winemakers says the quality of this year's grapes is excellent, and the 2005 vintage should be very special. But a bumper crop doesn't always mean good news for grape growers. From Sonoma County, Patrick Hirsch reports.

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