Marketplace PM for December 28, 2004

Episode Description 

Ouch - an industry in serious trouble

U.S. airlines will face a government review of customer-service commitments made five years ago in wake of a Christmas weekend that saw thousands of travelers' holiday plans snarled, the Transportation Department's top auditor said Monday. Host David Brown talks to airline industry expert Richard Gritta about the tailspin in the airline industry.

The one downside, of an upside airline

JetBlue may attract a loyal clientele because of its in-flight television. But the airline encourages its customers to buy their tickets on the Internet. And for many customers from the Dominican Republic, that can pose an obstacle. Ashley Milne-Tyte reports.

Private equity?

You've heard about companies investing in China. Today a global private equity firm called Warburg Pincus said it will double its $400 million investment there over the next two years. Private equity...private equity...wait a minute, isn't that the polite name for those corporate raiders and asset strippers of the 1980's? Commentator and writer Matthew Bishop claims they're not 'the barbarians at the gate' anymore.

Fertility Grants?

In vitro fertilization, though common in today's world, is still very expensive. Marketplace's Lisa Napoli looks at a new way of paying for it.

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