Marketplace PM for December 27, 2004

Episode Description 

Ukraine, and more election squabbles

Opposition leader Viktor Yushchenko has said Ukraine will finally be free after declaring himself the winner of the rerun of fraud-filled presidential elections. Host David Brown talks to Alex Kleimenov in Kiev, Ukraine about the just-finished election, and possible legal challenges in the works there.

The television trail ...

So you got that new HD flat screen TV for Christmas? But what to do about that old one... Marketplace's Alisa Roth follows the garbage trail of the American TV set.

2004 in review: Oil

Oil prices shot up above $55.00 a barrel in the second half of 2004. They are back down to the mid-$40's now. Marketplace's Bob Moon looks back at why the price surge happened and if we'll get there again.

Church of Work?

Do we work too much? Do we work for the right things? Commentator Mark Slouka says our work-centric society is undemocratic.

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