Marketplace PM for December 26, 2006

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Toyota, Ford chiefs meet

Ford CEO Alan Mulally and Toyota's Chairman Fujio Cho met in Tokyo last week as the first step in potential partnership negotiations. Bob Moon has more.
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Looking for some Freeh advice

DaimlerChrysler is struggling to explain conduct that used to be legal in Germany but has long been illegal under U.S. law — paying bribes. The company hopes the former head of the FBI can help. Kyle James reports.
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Holiday shoppers' final play is in the cards

Disappointed by pre-Christmas sales, retailers are hoping that spending with gift cards will boost their bottom lines. Providence College professor Dan Horne talks with host Bob Moon about the $70 billion business.
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Season of light bills

In most parts of the country, Christmas lights will burn bright for another week or so. Ever wonder what the cost is of our holiday lighting obsession? Jeff Horwich takes a look.

Feeding at the executive trough

The average CEO's pay is 369 times as much as the average worker's. This year, CEO pay went up 16%, on top of a 30% jump last year. Commentator Nell Minow has a few thoughts on the disparity.
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Pakistanis quickly learn to love plastic

Pakistan's economy is surging and consumers are spending. Not so long ago, most transactions were in cash. But Miranda Kennedy reports that newly minted credit cards are now burning holes in some Pakistani pockets.
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In 2006, we <em>really</em> paid at the pump

In terms of oil prices, we're ending the year in better shape than what we were in several months ago. Marketplace's Stephen Beard and host Bob Moon take a look at one of the biggest hits to our wallets this year.
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