Marketplace PM for December 26, 2005

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What's next on Spitzer's playlist?

New York's Attorney General is known for his aggressive investigations -- now Eliot Spitzer is investigating whether top music studios colluded to set the prices they charge to download songs. Warner Music Group said it received a subpoena last Tuesday, and the <i>Wall Street Journal</i> reports today that Sony BMG and Vivendi Universal have also been served. Janet Babin has the story.
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Seven + Eleven = Bigger

Also today, the fifth-biggest retail company in the world just formed in Asia. The massive Japanese conglomerate that owns 7-Eleven stores spent $1.1 billion to buy Millennium Retailing, and the move could shake up how the Japanese shop. Marketplace's Dan Grech has more.

Tsunami land grab

Today marks the one year anniversary of the worst of the year's disasters -- the Asian tsunami, which killed over 200,000 people across 13 countries. Miranda Kennedy reported on the tsunami from Sri Lanka, and she recently traveled to the coast of Thailand, where villagers hit by the tsunami are now battling a second force.
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Holiday business Q&A

Maud Lavin talks to host Kai Ryssdal about the bottom line behind the holiday shopping season. Lavin's book is is called, appropriately enough, "The Business of Holidays."

Wal-Mart v. Target

Both are big box stores. Both do billions in sales each year. But one is faring much better when it comes to PR. Commentator Roben Farzad says Wal-Mart is losing ground to the bullseye.

Reinventing retirement

Next Sunday, New Year's Day, the first wave of baby boomers will turn 60 years old. More than 76 million Americans are set to join the pool of people known as retirees. Jo Giese looks at one state that's already planning for the future.

Job Files: Race car driver

In this edition of the job files, we hit the fast lane with Danica Patrick.

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