Marketplace PM for December 24, 2004

Episode Description 

Christmas in Baghdad

In Iraq today...the 140,000 or U.S. servicemen and women serving in Iraq do their best to celebrate the holiday season American style. It isn't always easy - being so far from home. From Baghdad, Borzou Daragahi takes a look at how they try and handle it.

The week that was ...

Host Kai Ryssdal and Dallas-based stock broker and analyst David Johnson look at the week that was, and the week that will be, on Wall Street.

The Best Gift Ever - Gary Rogers

On this Christmas eve learn about the Best Gift Ever for Gary Rogers, CEO of Dreyers Grand ice cream.

The business of the Holidays

Christmas accounts for something like 40% of retail sales - but other holidays mean big business too. There's Stepparents' Day, Sweetest Day - and all those other ones such as Thanksgiving and Halloween. Host Kai Ryssdal speaks to Maud Lavin, editor of the recent book, The Business of Holidays, about commerce and celebration.

Michelle's Christmas...

Overindulgence could be the catchword for the holiday season. Spending too much on gifts is a given. But what about those extra perks you pick up for yourself? Does it pay off for the rest of the year? Marketplace commentator and actress Michelle Philippe can't stay out of the petite boutique.

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