Marketplace PM for December 23, 2004

Episode Description 

The Yukos identity

So just which way is Russia headed? Let the markets run free, or a call for more government controls. Russian President Vladimir Putin has defended a state-owned company's purchase of the largest Russian oil exporter. Marketplace's Amy Scott looks at whether the fall of the Russian oligarchs will send foreign investors running.

Turmoil and Ukraine

Ukraine's top security service has denied that it had any involvement with the dioxin poisoning of opposition leader Viktor Yushchenko, the leading candidate in Sunday's rerun of the presidential election. Host Kai Ryssdal talks to Tufts professor Bruce Hitchner about the business fallout from the Ukrainian political turmoil.

The business of the Pilgrimage

Marketing, marketing, marketing. Traveling to Mecca and Jerusalem is a yearly ritual for millions. Pilgrimages, like vacations, can mean big business... as Jen Banbury reports.

The Best Gift Ever - Wafari Mbugua

Loyal Marketplace listener Wafari Mbugua tells a story of her best gift ever. A wonderful story, from East Africa.

Those one-month classics ...

The new trend in radio is the oldies station that plays only holiday music for the entire month of December. How valuable is a song that gets airplay for a month but is shelved the rest of the year? Marketplace's Nate DiMeo looks into it.

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