Marketplace PM for December 22, 2004

Episode Description 

Yuschenko economy

Russian companies may begin to pull out of the Ukraine if the two countries' ties are weakened under a new president. From Kiev, Alex Kleimenov investigates the background of the polarizing presidential candidate, Victor Yuschenko.

Christmas workers

Even while you're having Christmas dinner or opening presents, a lot of people are on the clock -- and not just a couple of elves and a jolly old man named Nick. From KCRW in Santa Monica, Matt Holzman reports.

The Best Gift Ever - Terry McDonell

Another installment of The Best Gift Ever! Terry McDonell, Managing Editor of Sports Illustrated, shares his story of a poster. Visit <a href="">The Best Gift Ever Index Page</a>.

Product placement

Devices like TiVos and DVRs are changing the way people watch television. So advertisers are adapting, and that's great, according to commentator Adam Hanft.

What a dollar buys

Steep gas prices have left America's collective wallet with less heft. And for families on a budget, the gas prices take away key disposable dollars. It turns out that that lost money affects certain stores more than others. Kim Green has the story.

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