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Marketplace PM for December 22, 2004

Episode Description 

The Best Gift Ever - Terry McDonell

Another installment of The Best Gift Ever! Terry McDonell, Managing Editor of Sports Illustrated, shares his story of a poster. Visit <a href="">The Best Gift Ever Index Page</a>.

Product placement

Devices like TiVos and DVRs are changing the way people watch television. So advertisers are adapting, and that's great, according to commentator Adam Hanft.

What a dollar buys

Steep gas prices have left America's collective wallet with less heft. And for families on a budget, the gas prices take away key disposable dollars. It turns out that that lost money affects certain stores more than others. Kim Green has the story.

Yuschenko economy

Russian companies may begin to pull out of the Ukraine if the two countries' ties are weakened under a new president. From Kiev, Alex Kleimenov investigates the background of the polarizing presidential candidate, Victor Yuschenko.

Christmas workers

Even while you're having Christmas dinner or opening presents, a lot of people are on the clock -- and not just a couple of elves and a jolly old man named Nick. From KCRW in Santa Monica, Matt Holzman reports.