Marketplace PM for December 21, 2005

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Defending ANWR

Senators today turned down the idea of opening up the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge to oil drilling. The provision was attached to a $450 billion Pentagon bill, whose future is now in doubt. John Dimsdale reports from Washington.

Shops gain, and lose, from transit strike

It's Day Two of the New York City transit strike, with no clear end in sight. The City is predicting huge losses for local businesses. But as Amy Scott reports, that depends on what business you're in.

Public (international) relations

The House last week passed an immigration bill chock full of get-tough provisions. Now Mexico is striking back... with a PR campaign. From the Americas Desk at WLRN in Miami, Dan Grech reports.
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IMF tears up IOUs

The International Monetary Fund today agreed to write off $3.3 billion owed to it by 19 of the world's poorest countries. Forgiving that much debt may be good for those countries, but what about the IMF? Jeff Tyler says the fund is a victim of its own success.
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Counting those pennies

The season for year-end earnings results is just beginning, and Wall Street will mete out its usual accolades or punishments. Writer and commentator David Wells suggests a new way to avoid all that.
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You say you want a revolution?

Russia is demanding that Ukraine, its former Soviet partner, pay a much higher price for Russian natural gas. Ukraine is refusing to pay. Russia is threatening to cut off supplies. Western Europe is watching nervously. From London, Stephen Beard reports.

Giving till it hurts

Those of us visiting family over the holidays know that things can get a little tense. Reporter Trey Kay spoke with sisters Lorraine and Felicia Tedesco. One sister is definitely a "have" and the other is, well, a "have-not-as-much."

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