Marketplace PM for December 19, 2006

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Markets get an early present in new-home data

Housing starts were up for November, after a decline the previous month. Some of the biggest home builders now see the housing market stablilizing. But it all might add up to a big lump of coal. Sarah Gardner reports.
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Thai government reverses course

Foreign investors bailed out of Southeast Asian markets today after the Thai government put sharp limits on overseas investment. Bangkok's already overturned part of that law, but the damage might already be done. Alisa Roth reports.
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After losing China bid, eBay's going, gone

The online auctioneer's scrapping its Beijing brand and throwing in with a Chinese company. Lisa Napoli looks at why American high tech giants are getting lost in translation.
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Trying to lock up Wolfgang's Vault

Rock bands — including some members of Led Zeppelin, The Doors and The Grateful Dead — are suing to shut down website. They claim its streaming of old concerts and selling of memorabilia is an illegal combination.

Require age-adjusted earnings reports

Commentator Matt Miller says that to get business' attention on health-care and pension issues, the Democratic Congress should require separate income statements that show what earnings would be if companies had average-aged workers.
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Working for the chain gang

Franchises rake in $1 trillion in retail spending a year. One out of 16 Americans works in one. Franchise owners get name recognition and marketing clout from the home office. And that's not all. Steve Tripoli reports.
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We get letters

Kai Ryssdal airs comments and complaints from our listeners.

Far from a winter wonderland

Christmastime can be a tough season for American ex-pats in India. Miranda Kennedy found some who were looking for the holiday spirit in New Delhi.
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