Marketplace PM for December 19, 2005

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Delayed vacation for legislators

This late in December, lawmakers are supposed to be back home and done with their work for the year. Not this year. Both houses of Congress are still in session and working on a number of big budget bills. Scott Tong reports.

Neither a borrower nor a lender be...

After months of lobbying, the spending cuts are just a Senate debate and final vote away. It's not often that we get to quote Shakespeare on the show... But Hillary Wicai asks, are the cuts much ado about nothing?

Ready for the Solstice?

It's been a bad year for General Motors. A new Pontiac convertible, called the Solstice, is part of GM's turnaround plan. Host Kai Ryssdal joined LA Times car critic Dan Neil in taking the Solstice out for a spin.

The book trade

At a time when everyone seems to bemoan the lack of literacy, it's heartening to know that the Internet has spawned a number of book-sharing enterprises. Naomi Lewin went poking around some Web sites where passionate readers rule.

Too much stuff

Less than a week left until everyone opens all those special parcels under the Christmas tree. And then, you can add them to the pile of STUFF from Christmases past. Commentator Sandra Tsing-Loh yearns for one useful gift...

Local kids make good

Going home to Mexico for the holidays has become an annual pilgrimage for many immigrants, and driving down has a particular appeal for young people raised stateside, visiting their parents. Melissa Giraud explains why from the northern state of Durango.
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