Marketplace PM for December 14, 2005

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Mind the gap

The Commerce Department said today that the trade gap rose by almost 4.5% to almost $69 billion in October. But there are a few surprises in the data. Amy Scott reports.

DuPont's sticky wicket

DuPont has reached a settlement with the government over Teflon. The EPA had alleged that DuPont hid information about a toxic chemical used to make the non-stick substance. From the Innovations desk at WUNC, Janet Babin reports.

Immigration frustration

Tomorrow, the House is set to vote on an immigration bill backed by the Republican leadership. The bill pleases a lot of law-and-order conservatives. But as Gretchen Cook reports, not all of the bill's opponents are liberals.

Horsetrading in D.C.

Host Kai Ryssdal spoke to Marketplace's DC Bureau Chief John Dimsdale about the various deals members of Congress are cutting to ensure funding for pet projects.

It's not just for poor people anymore

The House passed a bill a couple weeks ago cutting $50 billion from the budget; some of that money came from Medicaid. The cut's running into more political opposition than its backers might have expected. Robert Reich explains why.
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Hasta la vista, la mordida?

Transparency International says as many as 45% of Mexican households paid bribes last year. As Carole King reports from Mexico City, some people are surprised to learn they actually can say no to everyday corruption.

Every breath you take, every move you make...

Governments are casting their surveillance net ever wider, trying to track suspected terrorists. Today, the European Parliament said it might want to look at phone and e-mail records. From London, Stephen Beard reports.

Morning hawk show

A new morning TV show in Minneapolis blurs the boundaries between advertising and entertainment. From Minnesota Public Radio, Marisa Helms has the story.

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