Marketplace PM for December 10, 2004

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These aren't chips from a bag

The stock market got a charge this week from National Semiconductor. Yesterday the chipmaker said its net income rose 22 percent in the last quarter. That's a lot of chips in a lot of cellphones, computers, and PDAs. Commentator and engineer Bill Hammack says you might be surprised at what fuels these icons of the new economy.
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The week that was on Wall Street

Marketplace host David Brown catches up with the man from Dallas - David Johnson - and takes a look at some of the big stories affecting Wall Street this week.
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The mystery ... of oil prices

OPEC members met in Cairo today - and agreed to cut oil production by a million barrels a day. A reduction that big is supposed to drive oil prices up. That's not what happened. The price of light crude fell two dollars, closing at $40.50 a barrel. We asked our Stephen Beard to help explain what's going on...
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Meet Elliott Spitzer's A-team

Atlanta based Crawford and Company provides claims management services for insurance companies. Today the firm was hit with a subpoena from the office of New York Attorney General Elliott Spitzer - part of his investigation of the insurance industry. Mr. Spitzer has made a name for himself as a crusader for consumer and investor protection, even upstanging the feds. He'll be playing on that success as he makes a bid for Governor of New York in 2006. Marketplace's Amy Scott introduces us to the team behind the Spitzer machine - led by a guy with a really great name.
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