Marketplace PM for December 1, 2005

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Home loans for the holidays

Most homeowners who were forced to flee houses and jobs when Katrina hit were given a 3-month reprieve from mortgage payments. But time's up today, and John Dimsdale reports that for many, it's too soon.

Increased interest in Europe

The European Central Bank raised interest rates today by a quarter percent, to two and a quarter percent.No big deal? Well, for Europe it's the first increase in five years. From London, Stephen Beard reports.

If you can't make money in this business...

Given the record profits many energy companies have been reporting, you'd think anybody in the business would be making big money these days. So how come Calpine Corporation is fighting to avoid bankruptcy? Bob Moon took a look.

Viral marketing

AIDS activists in India warn that the disease could spread dramatically if the government doesn't increase awareness. India's solution taps its business strengths: software skills and connectivity. From New Delhi, Miranda Kennedy reports.
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Credit where credit is due

Writer and commentator Jeff Steinbrink says your relationship with your card company is most definitely NOT a two-way street.

The angels wanna wear my skate shoes

Skate shoes are hot with the kids, and the sporting goods market is happy to oblige. Business of sports commentator Diana Nyad is down wit it.
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Where in the world is Kai Ryssdal?

He's in China, doing advance work for January's live broadcast from the Middle Kingdom. Kai lived in China in the 1990s, so we asked him to tell us what's changed since those days. He told us what's changed since last WEEK.

Unable to be all that they can be

Soldiers returning to civilian life often have a tough time finding jobs. New figures show that unemployment rates among younger veterans are three times higher than the national average. From WCPN in Cleveland, Mhari Saito reports.

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