Marketplace PM for August 8, 2005

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The wrong prescription

Charles Grassley, chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, wants both the Justice Department and the SEC to look into whether doctors are selling insider information about drug trials to Wall Street. David Heath, reporter for the Seattle Times, talks to host Kai Ryssdal.

One for my baby and one more for the road

The federal highway bill, signed last week, is a 1,700-page monster with a huge price tag of $286 billion. Besides funding bridges and roads, it includes an obscure provision that will repeal an alcohol tax. Hillary Wicai explains.

Floods meet business in Bombay

India's Mumbai, better known as Bombay, is still picking up the pieces from two weeks of terrible floods. In addition to taking hundreds of lives, the floods have cost Bombay billions of dollars. Indian CEOs say Bombay's reputation as India's financial capital is at stake if the city's doesn't overhaul its infrastructure. Miranda Kennedy has more.

Sleeping your way to the middle

Arthur Brief from Tulane University has researched how sex sells in the workplace. Not so well, apparently, unless women using their sexuality have given up shooting for the top in favor of landing in the middle.

Between Iran and a hard place

As promised, Iranian officals restarted their uranium enrichment program today. And Stephen Beard reports from the European Desk in London on the contentious relationship between the EU, the US and Iran.

Balancing power with Iran

David Manasian, a senior editor with the Economist, shares his thoughts on how to deal with a tough counterpart like Iran.

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