Marketplace PM for August 30, 2006

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Outbidding Hezbollah for public support

The Lebanese government today says it'll pay $33,000 for each house damaged by the war. The announcement came more than a week after Hezbollah started its own handout to displaced citizens. Stephen Beard reports.
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Cell phone sellers beware

A phone-security company bought 10 cell phones off eBay to test its security software — and found a lot of sensitive information that their former owners thought they'd erased. Janet Babin reports.
Posted In: Science

NYC's Stuyvesant Town for sale

Manhattan's iconic Stuyvesant Town and Peter Cooper Village are to be auctioned off in one of the biggest real estate deals in history. Ashley Milne-Tyte reports.
Posted In: New York

Chaos in Oaxaca

Three months of demonstrations in Oaxaca, Mexico have brought the tourist town's economy to a standstill. Yesterday, even business owners went on strike to demand an end to the chaos. Dan Grech reports.
Posted In: Canada

For-profit wiki

The founder of Wikipedia is looking for ways to make the model profitable. Host Scott Jagow talks to Fortune magazine writer Adam Lashinsky about the plans for Wikia.
Posted In: Science

No official wine for California

Gov. Schwarzenegger vetoed a bill earlier this week that would have made zinfandel the "historic wine" of California. Host Scott Jagow asks W. Blake Gray, wine editor at the San Francisco Chronicle, about the decision.

College no longer the key to success?

As schools are getting back in session, commentator Glenn Hubbard argues that more training, not education, is the ticket to success in the new global economy.

Portland going 100% renewable

Portland, Ore. is throwing all its weight into the fight against global warming by promising to run on 100% renewable energy starting next year. Mitchell Hartman reports.

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