Marketplace PM for August 30, 2005

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How now American cow?

The Agriculture Department announced new rules today for tracking cattle. As Helen Palmer reports from the Marketplace Healthdesk at WGBH, the new standards will please beef producers.

Wait! Don't delete that e-mail

Morgan Stanley may pay $10 million or more for failing to save company e-mail. Regulators say the missing documents could have played a role in several investigations over the last few years. Amy Scott reports.

The fundraiser-nator?

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenneger is in the midst of a cross-country fundraising tour drumming up money for a special election this fall. His efforts have raised a lot of eyebrows; Jeff Tyler reports.

The levee system breached

A network of levees helped hold back much of the water when Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans. But the floodwater kept rising and now about 80% percent of the city is underwater. Cheryl Glaser talks to Roy Dokka at LSU.

1,300 people, 39 bookstores

For Detroit, it's the automobile. Las Vegas: gambling. And in Hay-on-Wye, they're banking on the book. The tiny Welsh town's many bookstores attract thousands of visitors. Now the man behind it all is heading to America.

Hurricane Katrina: the aftermath

Marketplace host Cheryl Glaser gets the latest from the areas affected by Hurricane Katrina from Dan Grech in Alabama and Eric Gallichant, spokeman for the Mobile police department. Patrick Hirsch then takes a look at New Orleans' evacuation.

Poverty rate climbs to 12.7 percent

It's not the kind of streak you want to brag about: The US Census Bureau says the nation's poverty rate climbed in 2004 for the fourth straight year. Hillary Wicai looks behind the numbers.