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Marketplace PM for August 29, 2006

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Reinventing Biloxi

Steven Smith of American RadioWorks returns to the rebuilt city of Biloxi, Mississippi and finds a very different economy — and not everyone can afford to live in the new Biloxi.

Whistleblower takes his case to YouTube

A disgruntled engineer at Lockheed Martin went on to expose a series of security flaws in a $24 billion contract won by his company. Jeff Tyler reports.
Posted In: Washington

Migrant workers in China getting a voice

China's economic boom is built on the backs of 180 million farmers who've flocked to cities. Exploitation of this labor force has been widespread, but in recent years migrant workers have been getting a louder voice. Jocelyn Ford reports.
Posted In: Canada

Another Big Problem for BP

The Feds have launched yet another investigation into BP, this time for manipulating oil and gas prices. Just two months ago, the oil giant was found guilty for manipulating the propane market. Hillary Wicai reports.

SAT scores drop dramatically

The College Board released results showing the largest drop in SAT scores in 30 years. The test was longer the say. But critics argue that the drop exposes fundamental problems with the testing business itself. Steve Tripoli reports.

Health insurance system in trouble?

The Census Bureau released its annual report on wages, poverty and health insurance today. The number of uninsured Americans has gone up again, and many see that as evidence the system isn't working. Helen Palmer reports.
Posted In: Health

Give relief money to the people

Commentator Ed Glaeser says one way to remove the bureaucratic red tape that's held up rebuilding efforts in the Gulf Coast is to distribute all of the relief money directly to the people affected.