Marketplace PM for August 24, 2005

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Wrangling greenhouse gases

Today there's word that nine states in the northeast have agreed to cap emissions coming from power plants. Marketplace's Scott Tong has the story.

The cost of a swabbing a Navy base clean

A submarine base in Connecticut was taken off the chopping block this morning. Commissioners said it was too important to close — might have been too expensive, too. From WNPR, Harriet Jones reports.

Keeping healthy at work

Job coaches will tell you that you're in the best position to ask for a higher salary and more vacation after a job offer is on the table. Helen Palmer reports from the Health Desk at WGBH that health coverage may be the new sticking point.

The Public's Business: School Reform

There was a time when businesses cared about the education schoolkids recieved. But now business has dropped out of school reform efforts, says analyst and commentator Robert Reich.

How much school does a lawyer need?

Some say that law school is two years' worth of classes crammed into three years. On program has responded: students starting today at the University of Dayton Law School should be done in 2007. Mhari Saito explains.

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