Marketplace PM for August 22, 2005

Episode Description 

Seeing gold in the golden years

Senior citizens have become a consumer force to be reckoned with — but no one likes to be told a certain product is perfect for them just 'cause they're older. Blaine Branchik tells host Kai Ryssdal that selling to seniors has always been tricky.

Puggle, Malt-a-Poo, Labradoodle

Breeders are coming up with endless variations of designer hybrid dogs. Most of us just call 'em mutts — but these pups come with a pedigree-style pricetag. Mhari Saito reports.

A moderate Muslim voice

Last night in London, hundreds of young people — mainly Middle Easterners — gathered to hear a speaker named Amr Khaled. Writer and commentator Shereen El Feki hears hope in his message.

Fabricating a future in Swaziland

China and the US may sign a big textile agreement next month. Other countries have textile industries at risk, too — and it's all they can do to keep investors from pulling up stakes and leaving. Megan Williams has our story.

Short stories, teeny price

Today a gallon of gas or fancy cup of coffee costs about three bucks. But you can get a short story from for just 49 cents. Marketplace's Hillary Wicai eyes the cheap download offer.